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Hi,  I’m Alena, a CMO of Intui.travel transfer.
I’m glad to introduce my company Intui.travel transfer to you!
Maybe our press releases will make your column more informative and interesting :)  
There are a lot of articles about ground transportation services, hotels, and airlines on our site.
I would like to give you a little bit more actual info about Intui.travel transfer and transfers worldwide for your readers.
I would be glad to answer your questions about my company, give comments on press releases and get your comments and suggestions on our articles.
I will be pleased to provide additional information to initiate publications of our press releases.
You can contact me through e-mail pr@intui.su

Best regards,
Alena  Balakhnicheva



02.07.2018 Press Release Intui: Filling the gap, enabling increasing sales for travel companies

02.04.2018 Press Release ITB Berlin 2018: 1 API, thousands of solutions

04.01.2018 Press Release Payment from the balance 

07.11.2017 Press Release API 

31.10.2017 Press Release ITB Berlin 2018

24.10.2017 Press Release White label







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        Private transfers for tourists and transfers for business trips on Intui.travel transfer are: 

  • 152 countries, 36,000 cities, 4,500 аirports/ports/railway stations.
  • More than 6,000,000 of relevant transfer routes to specific hotels/resorts.
  • 4,000 of сarrier companies.
  • 165 types of vehicles with the photos of driver + interior and additional services from сarrier companies.
  • Capacity selection: from convertibles to buses.
  • Price choice: from economy shuttle-bus to LUX vehicles.

      Intui.travel transfer is a technological company providing up-to-date services of transfer from any coordinates in 152 countries in the world. Intui.travel transfer's technology is a transfer's online booking platform. Intui® allows clients to choose a vehicle and book a transfer beforehand directly via website intui.travel.

         Intui.travel transfer serves clients of its partners all over the world as well as its own. Partnership with Intui.travel transfer is possible by installing its framework, using its apps, and other tech solutions, and working as an affiliate on terms of the partnership program: partner.intui.travel.
         Intui.travel transfer cooperates with transport companies to serve its clients. Intui.travel transfer established strong relationships and constant cooperation with transport suppliers and it made Intui's® system working perfectly.

The Advantages of Intui.travel Transfer:

  • Clear and easy search by the name of the hotel, villa’s address, and other destinations.

  • Booking in advance to organize a well-arranged trip.

  • No need in roaming at the place of arrival.

  • Suppliers are the reliable local companies.

  • Time of boarding is calculated automatically taking into account the traffic on a road.

  • Сars can be selected by the size, by the number of passengers, luggage, and by other features.

  • Handy” instructions are clear and easy to understand for both the driver and the client.

    Payments are made via Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express, Paypal. The payments security is guaranteed by Paypal and WorldPay, the biggest Online Payments Procession Center in the United Kingdom.

Intui.travel transfer is a property of EasyUptur LLP. (United Kingdom).

Intui® is a registered trademark.


    Intui.travel Transfer - Smart way to improve the trip!

    Affiliate programmehttps://partner.intui.travel/en/

    Address: 3rd Floor 49 Farringdon Road, London, EC1M 3JP, UK

    Phone: +44 2037 780 157;  +7 495 540 52 58

    e-mail: info@intui.su




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